Friday 14 November 2008

bowsprit, hatch, rudder, centreboard..

"Bowsprit" is assembled, big hatch is made, mast support is made and assembled, rudder and centerboard will be ready soon. Small details take a lot of time, today I tried to make a glassfibre tube for rudder.

Wednesday 29 October 2008


the interior is gradually coming together,and the interior is beginning to be painted.
017- emergency compartment is built in.
018- anchor well is built and preassembled.
019-mast support bulkhead is assembled.
020- starboard bunk assembled.
021, 022- leg appartments in port and starboard sides are cut.

Thursday 16 October 2008

Cockpit Lockers

deciding how to organize the cockpit lockers for practicality (sizes) and max weight reduction (min material). The emergency compartment is next with two hatches - one from cockpit side, another from hull side, (for accessing when capsized!).

Monday 13 October 2008

Moving forward again... beam mounts

Finally we have things moving forward again, however Toivo is currently dealing with the challenges re setting up the beam mounts.
Sheet 20- it is not easy to cut the slots, because the drawing is flat, while the hull is curved. Beam bulkhead trim- the drawing shows "arms" left in the middle of the cut away area. No dimensions, and it is hard to mark, using beam mount. What radius to use?

Friday 26 September 2008

financial delays...

hmmm, no action on the boat now for two weeks, this is very frustrating to both Toivo and myself. It just shows how exposed we are to the black magic of the international banking system, which seems to have even its internal experts in disarray. And I'm not talking about the current global financial crisis... I'm talking about a simple transfer of funds from one bank to another within Europe. Hopefully on Monday this will be solved and we can breathe again..... and order the next batch of materials !

Thursday 18 September 2008

working on main hull details

Things are moving forward on various details of the main hull now, fitting the bow eye for the bow pole, and fitting the various panels into the interior of the cabin - forward bunk, cabin settee's and their integration with the rotating centreboard, etc.

next will be the bow web, and now that the beam mounts have turned up, this will be the next major task to start on.

time is a precious resource - ordering parts

time is also a resourse, and You know, when it is wasted, it is gone, forever...

I had just a problem with trying to order the mast support, nobody was interested in manufacturing this piece in alu. And heavy,thick plexi hatches with alu frames were agreed by drawings. If anybody is interested, I can order more... just let me know