Wednesday, 20 August 2008

the boat is bottom up!

latest photos of todays situation- whoops, the boat is bottom up!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Main Hull in one piece !

The boat is not yet floating, but is finally in one piece!

For clarity it is Toivo who is doing all the hard work! He has just set up a new boatyard especially to build my F-22 in Estonia called Ormco Baltic. My original intention was to completely build the boat myself, but with too many other projects on the go (see the link to the Click-Raft) it just wasn't possible - so how to realise the dream? A good mini-transat sailor friend of mine Jaanus Tamme highly recommended Toivo to build the boat... and as you can see he is doing an excellent job.

Lifting Hull out of frames

Latest photos showing second hull half being lifted out of the frames. studying MennoĊ› site further.... Toivo is going to make the "poor man vacuum bag" as per Menno's suggestions.

bow eye

Toivo and I have been researching other sites for tips at this stage, esp Jay's and Menno's.
re making the bow eye and centerboard case pieces. Thought ours was rather messy, so went back through Menno's archive to see how he dealt with it (his blog is so thorough to find these kinds of details) - and i found this !
"Laminating the bobstay anchor wasn't a big succes. Laminating ('wrapping') pieces this small is still not my cup of tea. To continue moaning: the fit in the hull wasn't very good either. But it's no use crying over spilled milk. Currently the final layer of C is curing so tomorrow I'll glue the anchor in place and be done with it. I decided to try use vacuum to force the last layer of cloth tight around the piece. I used an ordinary shopping-bag and a tie-wrap. This works really well."

he also has some very good advice for how to join the two halves of the hull together - its a great technique...have a look at Vrijdag 9 November 2007..

also interesting is his photos re the placing of the centreboard (same design option ie rotating off-centre) and shows the rollers already built in for the control lines.

Menno's site is really good for all this information.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

building centreboard case

last photos, made today.
183- a slot is cut for the centreboard into the boat hull!
185-at last all the corners and edges are glued over and after cutting I can fit the centerboard case in the boat.
Todays nice surprise was, that Jaanus made a phonecall.He is somewhere in Portugal and plans to sail to Mediterranean. He will be home around end of August.
Money can be a problem, it is like having nails, but not a hammer, having a screwdriver, but not screws...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Main hull + centerboard box construction

last moment pictures of todays work, including 2nd hull half construction shots and centerboard shots showing the case painted inside and assembled. Next step is to glue and assemble it in the main hull half. Exciting news is that the beam mounts from Farrier Marine in NZ have arrived at the post office for collection.