Monday, 23 June 2008


the floats are now coming together, having been joined and had the nose ends added, the interiors have been glassed, and now the exteriors ....
010- the float has just been glassed over, no air bubbles in this moment!
011- the hull needs more sanding.
0113 and 014- small details need attention and take lot of time.
.......shortly it will be time to put on the decks

Saturday, 21 June 2008

polyester + epoxy


In reply to:
> 1. I made chainplates as in sheet 5 and laminated in the floats. I made also
> carbon chainplates with epoxy as in appendix C. As I know, polyester and epoxy
> are not very "friendly" in the same constructions. How to be? To laminate the
> carbon chainplate to the hull with putty and glue over as described with
> polyester or do i need to finish this with epoxy?

Polyester will not stick to epoxy, so must never be used to tape in or to
epoxy parts. Epoxy will stick to fully cured polyester, so epoxy must always be used to
tape epoxy components into a polyester hull. Polyester must be fully cured
however, and best way to ensure this is to peel ply polyester laminates to
exclude air. Unwaxed polyester resins will not cure fully when in contact
with air.

> But why 225mm, if making the plate a little bit longer, it will reach the hull
> and all the construction will be stronger...or not?

Not necessary - will only add extra weight - feeding the loads down further
into the bulkhead is all that is required.

With Regards,

Ian Farrier
Farrier Marine (NZ) Ltd
Farrier Marine, Inc.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Toivo has been very busy this week ... but still had enough time to enjoy the beautiful estonian sunsets of northern europe..... First float is assembled and a putty is on the joints. Tomorrow I will put together another float, then decks and so on...

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Realisation of a Dream has begun

Finally after two years of dreaming, ordering the plans from Ian Farrier and slowly working out how best to realise my F-22, construction has begun.
This has been a real struggle as resources have been very tight, also I originally began thinking with another friend to build together two F-22's but those plans fell through. My own time has been very limited with way too much to deal with at work, plus another project to build a mini-prototype building system, the
click-raft (link included on this blog).

So after many long conversations with my old Estonian friend Jaanus Tamme (Mini-Transat sailor) he introduced me to his friend Toivo Kylvet, a professional boat builder from Estonia.
We emailed back and forth to agree how best to do this, and finally I flew to meet Toivo and his wife in Tallinn a few weeks back to agree a contract and to give him Ian's very thorough set of drawings....
This is a very exciting moment for both of us for Toivo has also taken a big step towards his own dream of establishing his own boat building yard. His new company Ormco Baltic OU
is based at his farm not far from Estonia's capital city of Tallinn.

There is a strong spirit of adventure and excitement between us in the realisation of this joint dream, and I hope to be able to make this F-22 something really exceptional - so that it can also be really good to help kick start Toivo's boat yard and establish his name.

...and now the materials have been ordered....
.... the hardback has been built, and form frames set up ...
.. and the floats have begun construction...
.. internal fiberglass skin, and internal bulkheads taped and fixed...

... by the way on the right is Toivo's own Catamaran under construction