Thursday, 31 July 2008

lifting hull with 2 chainblocks

here in fresh pictures You can see this moment situation.
166-as it seemed before, the lifting was easier with two chainblocks. This was so exciting, that I forgot about pictures.
167- second half of main hull under construction
168- first half of main hull is waiting for nice radiuses.
169- poor warehouse situation, 28 lists of divinycell used for construction, last 2 pcs. will be cured very soon...

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

chainblock + mast step

Chainblock is installed and ready for lifting the half hull. May be we need another one, it will be clear very soon. The mast step is ready. Its made of 4mm stainless steel plate and welded together. When I asked the local metal workers, even my old fellows, to make it in aluminium, they were not happy. The suitable aluminium is specific and sold in big quantities. When I asked to do it in SST, it worked well.The weight is 1580gramms. I hope it works well and is not too heavy.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

main hull - side one + bulkheads

A couple of new pictures, showing bulkheads. Also deck equipment components arrived. As usual, some of ordered parts are missing. Now exploring Buzz Ballenger in the US to supply the mast.
We are also learning alot from Ian regarding the secrets of how to save weight on construction. More on this shortly - as Toivo put it, its more like aeroplane construction than boat construction.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

bulkhead parts

this is yesterday evening situation, first most important three bulkheads assembled and taped in right position. Lot of bulkhead details made, like "taylor workshop".

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Main Hull - Side One

todays situation is, that phase three on first half of main hull is done.To reach all the important places I had to climb inside.Tomorrows subject is bulkheads.
No information from Johnmast in Denmark. I got a advice to ask Z-spar(France). .... Suggestions anyone ???

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Main Hull begins Construction

included photo of todays situation. The half must be laminated in three steps.

meanwhile the twins (floats) still need sanding and painting. The colour RAL 2002 (burnt orange) see samples below which are different, there are the 10% and 5% samples and painted one and two layers. The 10% covering properties must be better, but the 5% is more pleasant to work.

Have just heard from my estonian Mini-Transat friend Jaanus Tamme, that he's about to begin his 1000 mile solo trip on Lendur (mad express- a fino designed Pogo2) sailing from france to estonia. ( to qualify for the next mini - this will be great experience also as preparation for our joint trip to sail the F-22 from Tallinn to Groningen once she is finished !
That will be an amazing trip for both of us - and an early trial of what Ian Farrier's F-22 might really be capable of (ie mini-transat potential - fast, safe, reliable and potentially ocean going).

Thursday, 3 July 2008

floats finished

things moving on...
...On photos You can see todays situation. The "twins" are ready and assembled. Tomorrow I will make a nice radius between the hull and deck and glue over. Then we can see, what the weight is.And a painting job. I made some samples, my supplier asked to do. It seems the paint works well, a little weight economy is possible. This is not a common topcoat, some new polyester based paint.
And then the main hull, of course.
055 the float decks are ready
082 some samples with new paint
087 the "twins" are complete
089 some new equipment-sanding machine and a smart cutter-sander- polisher- whatewer
090 Max (Maximus)-the watchdog,sailors and boatbuilders friend. Looking at the situation day and night.

Problems are another kind- its hard to find suitable aluminium alloy list to cut mast support details,nobody is interested in small orders.Yesterday I was in steel manufacturing company, they make the ball...Swedish Selden is not interested in making a rotating mast. I hope to get an answer from Danish Johnmast thru my friends...and there is no serious mast manufacturer in Finland... any suggestions anyone ???