Friday, 26 September 2008

financial delays...

hmmm, no action on the boat now for two weeks, this is very frustrating to both Toivo and myself. It just shows how exposed we are to the black magic of the international banking system, which seems to have even its internal experts in disarray. And I'm not talking about the current global financial crisis... I'm talking about a simple transfer of funds from one bank to another within Europe. Hopefully on Monday this will be solved and we can breathe again..... and order the next batch of materials !

Thursday, 18 September 2008

working on main hull details

Things are moving forward on various details of the main hull now, fitting the bow eye for the bow pole, and fitting the various panels into the interior of the cabin - forward bunk, cabin settee's and their integration with the rotating centreboard, etc.

next will be the bow web, and now that the beam mounts have turned up, this will be the next major task to start on.

time is a precious resource - ordering parts

time is also a resourse, and You know, when it is wasted, it is gone, forever...

I had just a problem with trying to order the mast support, nobody was interested in manufacturing this piece in alu. And heavy,thick plexi hatches with alu frames were agreed by drawings. If anybody is interested, I can order more... just let me know

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Right Side Up

latest photos showing the soft supports for the boat, and finally right side up on its keel.
Windows and hatches have been cut for air to work inside.

Waiting to finish the rudder and daggerboard, because the third! shipment of carbon cloth for my supplier is lost on the way from germany to estonia by DHL!

Also need to make some supports for trailer, to be done like Lloyd Crisp`s boat in Australia.

Eventually windows will be made from a single piece of dark tinted plexi. My feeling is confirmed now having looked at the first F-22's launched (two windows is just too fussy for the lines of a small boat). The F-22 needs the simplicity of clean lines.
F-22 no.30 will look more like F-33 Shadowfax see
but will be burnt orange with black details such as wingnets, windows, hatches etc.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Colour paint test + painting to help fairing

209-at last able to check new air pressure equipment, and make a sample piece for the supplier.
210- a float is also partly painted with air spray gun, needs some more work.The paint seems ok.
212-experimental primer, made from white topcoat and burnt orange paint. Good result, its very strong.
213- yesterday, the 1st of September was a flag day in Estonia. It was a sunny day, first job was to put up the national flag.
214- main hull painted with topcoat, needs more putty, but at this stage it will be mostly included, not ground away. This helps to be able to see whats going on, then to add more putty carefully to get a good surface. Topcoat will protect the glassfibre laminate, of course.
Bought couple of divintcell lists to finish the cabin and cockpit plus more resin. Need to buy more carbon to finish the daggerboard and rudder, and plexiglass for the windows.